We are now over two years into this pandemic, and while most school boards across Kentucky have lifted mask mandates or at least made it optional, some continue to participate in Dr. Fauci’s anti-science charade requiring children to wear masks. 

From the very beginning, I’ve said that we risk immeasurable damage to an entire generation, and frankly we might now be past that point.

All across the Commonwealth, many kids haven’t experienced a normal school day since the beginning of 2020. And while we’ve mostly gotten past the point of virtual learning, cancelled...Read more

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Realism in foreign policy means that tactics and strategy change as the facts on the ground change. The best tools for deterring Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are less relevant now that Russia has invaded.

Prior to Putin’s invasion, sanctions and threats of an embargo were levers to deter his ambition. Many sanctions were levied, including sanctions on the Nord Stream II pipeline from Russia to Germany. Absent an invasion, many diplomats considered sanctions or an embargo provocative, akin to killing the hostage without seeking any demands.

Arguably, the German threat...Read more

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Marie Thompson was sentenced to death in 1904 for the crime of resisting the tyranny of Jim Crow. She was not afforded an opportunity to defend herself in a court of law, nor was her constitutional right to due process recognized. Her sentence was not imposed by an impartial judge, but rather by a bloodthirsty mob. 

When a white farmer, John Irving, verbally and physically assaulted Marie Thompson’s son, who Irving accused of stealing a pair of pliers, she came to her child’s defense. Irving attacked Marie with a knife while her back was turned to him. The fight ended when...Read more

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Soon President Biden will have the privilege of nominating someone to the Supreme Court, a privilege Presidents often do not have the opportunity to partake in as Supreme Court Justices hold lifetime appointments.

The appointment to the highest court in the land is a great responsibility. This person is expected to uphold our nation’s Constitution, safeguarding the rights and liberties enshrined by our Founding Fathers for millions of Americans.

Once Biden makes his pick, the U.S. Senate will begin the process of taking up the nomination, which involves meetings and hearings...Read more

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It appears we’re entering the phase of the pandemic when even the pettiest of tyrants are beginning to see the absurdity of their mandates. But don’t give them full credit just yet. With the public pressure mounting and tolerance for bureaucratic edicts waning, they didn’t really have a choice.

Look no further than Washington, D.C. This week, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that the district-wide vaccine mandate for restaurants, bars, gyms, and other entertainment venues would come to an end on Feb. 15, just one month after its enactment. The indoor mask mandate now expires on Mar. 1...Read more

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According to tradition, King Menes united the two lands of Egypt about 5,000 years ago. Although Egypt appears as a single state on the globe today, American foreign policy still treats the country as though it was two completely different lands; one a critical ally deserving of American aid, and one a tyrannical nightmare unworthy of American security assistance.  

A State Department human rights report details how President...Read more

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As the author or co-sponsor of more than two dozen criminal justice reform bills, I have a long history of working with Democrats to correct injustice in our system, especially as it pertains to those accused of non-violent crimes such as drug possession.

The right to due process, enshrined in the Constitution, includes the right to a speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers. Those denied bail or unable to afford it can often be incarcerated for months awaiting trial, during which time they often lose their jobs, face eviction, and have their lives spiral downward -- all before ever...Read more

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It is no secret that I have had a lot of foreign policy disagreements with the bipartisan War Caucus in Washington D.C. during my time in office. From Iraq to Syria, and Yemen to Afghanistan, it seems that there is always a war they want to be in.

I was heartened when President Trump spoke of stopping our “endless wars” and I was hoping for more restraint from President Biden. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his history and it doesn’t seem to be his current direction. The endless wars are ramping up again even as I write today. 

The war-as-first-resort crowd, including the...Read more

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President Joe Biden warned those of us who are unvaccinated that we would be in for nuclear winter of death, dismay, and punishment for our recalcitrance.

Suffering and death would be our just reward for defying Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mandates.

And then the Omicron variant came and infected everyone, regardless of their vaccination status. Even Democrats thrice vaccinated, wearing N95 masks, earplugs, and goggles got Omicron.

It seems the virus ignored the Biden directive to selectively attack "deplorables."

Blame is still heaped on anyone who dares to make their...Read more

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Sanction this. Sanction that. The Department of the Treasury is currently administering dozens of sanction programs designed to change the behavior of certain countries.

And yet, no one seems to ask the important question: Do sanctions promote peace and understanding or escalate tensions between nations? What behavior has China modified since the U.S. began sanctions? Has Russia changed her behavior? Has Russia given back Crimea?

Sanctions, though lacking in proof of effectiveness, are very popular with both parties. Embargoes, sanctions’ big brother, also garner bipartisan...Read more

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