March 7, 2018
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) passed U.S. Senator Rand Paul’s “Bonuses for Cost-Cutters” amendment to H.R. 2825, the Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act, to incentivize Homeland Security (DHS) employees to report waste and other abuse of taxpayer funds.

“Bonuses for Cost-Cutters will encourage those on the front lines of spending to speak out when government fails to properly manage the American people’s money,” said Dr. Paul. “Today, we took a major step forward toward implementing this reform at the Department of Homeland Security as a pilot program, and I look forward to its passage by the full Senate.”

If passed into law, Dr. Paul’s plan would authorize the DHS Inspector General to pay bonuses of up to $10,000 of savings realized when a federal employee identifies waste, fraud, or mismanagement of funds in DHS’ Operations and Support accounts.

It would also ensure that 90% of the savings are automatically directed toward deficit reduction, with the agency free to apply any remainder toward other agency priorities, subject to current law.

Dr. Paul has long championed this proposal to make the federal government a better steward of taxpayer funds, including previously introducing the Bonuses for Cost-Cutters Act as standalone legislation in the 114th Congress (as S. 1378) and the 115th Congress (as S. 1830). The standalone legislation would apply this cost-saving measure across all federal agencies.

You can read Dr. Paul’s Bonuses for Cost-Cutters amendment to H.R. 2825 below.

In addition, the Committee also passed four other amendments offered by Dr. Paul to protect Americans’ constitutional liberties and increase oversight of the Department of Homeland Security.

These amendments:

–    Reiterate that all intelligence gathering and information sharing activities conducted by DHS are to be carried out in accordance with the Constitution;

–    Streamline the DHS grants program by striking a “catchall” provision pertaining to allowable uses, appropriately limiting the use of grant funds;

–    Improve and refine the statutory guidance for DHS oversight of the National Network of Fusion Centers, including provisions to track federal funding; require the DHS secretary to provide guidance, training, and technical assistance to ensure fusion centers operate in accordance with and in a manner that protects privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties afforded by the Constitution; and prevent abuse of personal information;

–    Expand the metrics for measuring the effectiveness of DHS grants.

You can read these amendments below.


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