WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Rand Paul today on the Senate floor demanded a vote on his amendment to the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Appropriations Act. Amendment 2843, introduced earlier this week, would block taxpayer benefits for new refugees from high-risk countries. The transcript of Sen. Paul’s remarks and clips of both floor speeches are available below.

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First Floor Speech

Mr. Paul: Reserving the right to object. Over a thousand Americans have called my office in the last couple of days and they’re very concerned about admitting people to the Middle East that we’re not sure of what their intentions are. The Boston bombers were here under the refugee program. Two Iraqi refugees came to my state with the intent to buy stinger missiles to attack us.

I’ve asked for a very simple amendment. I would like to have an amendment placed in the queue for a vote that lets the American people vote on whether or not we want to bring more people to here from the Middle East, whether we’re doing an adequate job screening these people. I think it’s a very reasonable request to have a vote on that.

And, therefore, until I am allowed to have a vote for which I think the American people are clamoring for, I will continue to object. I object.

The Presiding Officer:  Objection is heard.

Mr. Paul: I also ask unanimous consent that I bring forward my amendment to limit and end the subsidized housing for new people to come here from the Middle East. My amendment is 2843. And I ask unanimous consent that I be allowed to set aside the current business and bring my amendment forward.


Second Floor Speech


Mr. Paul: Madam president?

The Presiding Officer: The senator from Kentucky.

Mr. Paul: The biggest issue of the day is how we protect ourselves from terrorism. My amendment goes to the heart of the matter. Are we sufficiently vetting those who might come here and attack us from the Middle East?

Mr. Inhofe: Would you yield?

Mr. Paul: I don’t think we are. The two Boston bombers were here during the refugee program. Two Iraqi refugees came to my hometown in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Mr. Inhofe: Parliamentary inquiry.

Mr. Paul: I have an amendment that is not only pertinent to the biggest issue of the day, I have an amendment that is germane for those who make a mockery of this process by saying we’re going to have regular order. We’re not going to have regular order.

The Presiding Officer: Is there objection?

Mr. Paul: Until we address the issues of the day on a germane amendment. I object.

The Presiding Officer: Objection is heard.


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