Help With Federal Agencies

It is an absolute honor to represent the people of Kentucky in the United States Senate. One of my responsibilities is to assist Kentuckians with federal agencies. If you are a resident of Kentucky, you may contact my State Office in Bowling Green at (270) 782-8303 to receive help with any federal government agency.

~ Senator Rand Paul

Important Information

My Office Can Help If:

  • You are a Kentucky resident. If you are a resident of another state, please contact your U.S. Senators or U.S. Representative.
  • Your problem is with a federal government agency or program.
  • Submit an inquiry with a federal agency on your behalf
  • Help you communicate with federal agencies
  • Request information or a status report on your case
  • Guide you in the benefits claim process
  • Help you obtain basic information from a federal agency
  • Force a federal agency to act in your favor
  • Provide legal advice or recommend an attorney
  • Overturn or influence matters involving private businesses
  • Intervene with state issues. My office cannot overturn or influence matters under the jurisdiction of local or state governments. If your issue involves state or municipal agencies, please contact your state legislators or contact the state agency directly. The Office of the Governor may also be able to help you with state issues: 502-564-2611
  • Intervene with judicial issues. My office cannot legally get involved with pending litigation, including questions about criminal trials or imprisonment, child custody issues, deportation proceedings and civil lawsuits. My office cannot overturn or in any way influence a court’s decision.
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