Lately, you might have noticed an increase in prices at the gas pump, the grocery store, and pretty much everything else you can buy. The shelves at stores are empty, employers can’t find workers to fill positions, and Americans everywhere are bracing for higher taxes. 

Welcome to Joe Biden’s and the Democrats’ socialist America. In their America, it’s seemingly okay to spend trillions of dollars, rack up copious amounts of debt, and ignore a crisis at hand.

In their America, inflation and supply chain issues are apparently a “high class problem,” even as working American families are seeing the greatest of impacts. 

More specifically, in their America, grocery store shelves are beginning to become empty as large food manufacturers and companies adapt to supply chain problems and worker shortages – all of which has contributed to rising consumer prices.

Don’t let the Democrats fool you, nothing is free, and ultimately you will pay the price of their agenda through taxation and inflation.

Like many across our nation, Kentuckians are already beginning to see the impact. 

Recently, I spoke with a family of five in Larue County who now spends approximately $20 more at the grocery store per week, compared to their grocery bill in May. Similarly, a farmer in Trigg County has been waiting two months on equipment parts, some of which are necessary for operation, and are further delaying food production.   

Frankly, this all isn’t surprising since the cost of ground beef is up 24 cents per pound, compared to this time last year, a pound of chicken is up 85 cents, and a gallon of milk is up 55 cents. 

Meanwhile, gas prices are at a seven-year high and are expected to increase by 5 to 10 cents more per gallon. This week’s national gas average was $3.38 per gallon, which is up 20 cents in ONE month, and up $1.22 compared to this time last year. 

Democrats insist the rise in inflation is simply transitory because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I say it’s just an excuse for more government spending and borrowing. 

Just this year, we spent $3.1 trillion, and now congressional Democrats want to spend anywhere from $1.5 trillion to $5 trillion on free handouts, and yet another massive spending bill that will kill jobs, inflate prices, and raise taxes.

Someone has to pay for each of these spending sprees, and rather than being transparent, Democrats will continue to lie about the real costs until they get what they want. 

They will lure you with free childcare, free healthcare, free college, free everything, but again, nothing is free in life, and Joe Biden and Democrats are scamming you.
They pride themselves on the fact that taxes on corporations and those making over $400,000 will cover the cost, but in economic reality, corporations and businesses everywhere will without a doubt increase prices for consumers to cover new taxes. 

We can’t afford Joe Biden’s and the Democrat’s socialist America. Every dollar we spend today is mortgaged on the labor of the American worker and your future. 

As your Senator, I will continue to propose commonsense, fiscally responsible solutions and oppose any and all spending that furthers our supply chain crisis, encourages inflation, and aims to hurt American taxpayers. 

You can read the Op-Ed, HERE.