President Joe Biden warned those of us who are unvaccinated that we would be in for nuclear winter of death, dismay, and punishment for our recalcitrance.

Suffering and death would be our just reward for defying Dr. Anthony Fauci’s mandates.

And then the Omicron variant came and infected everyone, regardless of their vaccination status. Even Democrats thrice vaccinated, wearing N95 masks, earplugs, and goggles got Omicron.

It seems the virus ignored the Biden directive to selectively attack “deplorables.”

Blame is still heaped on anyone who dares to make their own decisions regarding vaccination. In fact, a recent poll of Democrats indicates that about half of those surveyed actually believe that it’s justifiable to indefinitely detain people who refuse to be vaccinated.

And then came Omicron, indiscriminate in its attack.

In fact, some studies showed the vaccine actually having a negative efficacy after 90 days, meaning the vaccinated were more likely to become infected than the unvaccinated.

Most recently a CDC sponsored study of over a million COVID cases showed that the unvaccinated with a history of previous COVID infection were 55 times less likely to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated without previous COVID infection.

Now to be fair, the vaccinated group also were still about 20 times less likely to be hospitalized as well.

The conclusion isn’t that the vaccine doesn’t have protective value in reducing serious illness: it does. But previous infection is also protective. In fact, as the CDC study demonstrates, previous infection is twice as protective from hospitalization as the vaccine.

But not every unvaccinated person has had COVID, which means that the unvaccinated with no previous infection during the Delta variant wave were at significantly more risk for hospitalization.

If Fauci and his authoritarian lap dogs really wanted to persuade the unvaccinated to choose the vaccine, they might have tried honesty, admitted that naturally acquired immunity works and advised Americans to get tested for previous infection. If antibodies from a previous infection were detected then a vaccine provides little additional advantage.

But if your antibody status to previous infection is negative, a vaccine lessens your chances of hospitalization by 20-fold. This information, given to a person who was hesitant to be vaccinated, could be very persuasive.

But alas, honesty is not one of Fauci’s recognizable attributes. So, instead, he insisted on bullying and mandating vaccines on everyone regardless of previous infection and regardless of a risk assessment for children.

As a consequence of his arrogance (to oppose him is to oppose science, according to Fauci himself), millions of Americans who might have been persuaded to check their immune status for antibodies didn’t do so, and their resolve to resist the vaccine hardened every time Fauci denied that naturally acquired immunity is protective.

All of that data was from the much more deadly Delta variant.

In the new world of Omicron, most people will eventually catch it and develop protective immunity regardless of masks or distancing.

The notion of vaccine mandates and passports is completely untenable in the era of Omicron. European countries such as Ireland and United Kingdom have already recognized this and have lifted most vaccine mandates and passports, harmful school closures, and the phony theatre of mask requirements.

And yet people are still dying daily by the thousands either from or with COVID.

If public health doctors wanted to save lives they would admit that naturally acquired immunity is protective and they would broadcast far and wide that early treatment saves lives. All of the treatments known to lessen the severity of COVID work best the earlier they are taken.

If Fauci cared a fig about saving lives, he would be touting early treatment with monoclonal antibodies at each of his myriad daily press appearances.

Instead, he’s spent most of his time misinforming us on wearing cloth masks and denying natural immunity. Is it any wonder why Americans have lost faith in “America’s Doctor?”

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