We are now over two years into this pandemic, and while most school boards across Kentucky have lifted mask mandates or at least made it optional, some continue to participate in Dr. Fauci’s anti-science charade requiring children to wear masks. 

From the very beginning, I’ve said that we risk immeasurable damage to an entire generation, and frankly we might now be past that point.

All across the Commonwealth, many kids haven’t experienced a normal school day since the beginning of 2020. And while we’ve mostly gotten past the point of virtual learning, cancelled extracurricular activities, sports, and events, wearing a cut up piece of cloth for 8 hours straight a day isn’t normal.

I applaud many school districts like Madison, Pulaski, Warren and other counties across the Commonwealth who have made masks optional, and have allowed students and parents to make their own decisions.

But still in Fayette, Jefferson, and other counties they continue to implement mask theater because of COVID rates.

Let me be clear, it would be one thing if cloth masks actually helped, but the reality is the cloth masks that most are wearing in schools – which are also ill fitted – are largely ineffective in doing anything to stop the spread of COVID.

Take for example, schools in Sweden who have remained open for majority of the pandemic, while wearing no masks, and have seen lower death rates than that of the U.S.

Similarly, a Denmark study concluded that there was “no statistically significant difference in SARS-CoV-2 incidence,” between those who wore masks and the control group that did not.

So, while school districts in Kentucky continue to implement masks on children, they must also consider that extended mask wearing has been proven to cause psychological issues and inhibits communication between students and teachers. 

Does anyone find it okay that kids are now drawing self-portraits with masks on and no smile? This is how they see themselves.

We are indoctrinating children who will likely not know what life is like outside of a pandemic, and who will all likely cheer with excitement for not having to “mask up” all day – again, not normal.

And while we have all experienced unprecedented times, nothing compares to this generation of school-aged children who have lost the ability to receive normalized experiences.

Meanwhile in New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Oregon, and many other states, mask mandates have been dropped statewide. Yet, here we are in some parts of Kentucky still forcing kids to wear masks – most of which, again, are worn improperly and are ineffective at preventing the spread of any disease.

It is my hope that parents and students across Kentucky will stand up against “woke” school boards who continue to dictate decisions for all students, ignore parents, and follow unscientific mandates set by government bureaucrats.

Let’s not freak out over a disease that is less deadly and less transmissible in children. And let’s realize that strapping masks on kids in schools is frankly doing more harm than good.

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