There is a saying among people in medical school that when you’re learning about what to do in an emergency situation, before you take the pulse of the person you see laying still, take your own pulse. 

The meaning of this saying was not to freak out, but to try to stay calm, and try to make rational decisions before rushing to a potentially damaging reaction. 

Apparently, Dr. Fauci doesn’t remember this saying or lesson.  

Once again, we find ourselves in a situation in which we have a new COVID variant. Rather than making rational, scientific decisions, Dr. Fauci and the Biden administration have jumped to assume the worst, and have begun implementing restrictions with the ever-looming threat of mandates. 

We really don’t know much about the Omicron variant, it could have different mutations, different symptoms, and require different treatments. But rather than freaking out, we should take the next week or two to see what becomes of it. 

President Biden on the other hand, has already followed suit with Dr. Fauci in foolishly announcing public health policy that is not based on any science. Mandating a COVID test within 24 hours of international travel, ignores the fact that rapid tests for patients without symptoms give false readings about half the time. 

Meanwhile, medical officials in South Africa, where the variant originated, have been shocked at the knee-jerk reaction from countries across the world in imposing travel restrictions and renewing mandates. 

Even Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who discovered the new variant, has said countries including the United States are “panicking unnecessarily.” Dr. Coetzee has also said, “the simple truth is: we don’t know yet anywhere near enough about Omicron to make such judgments or to impose such policies.”

This is a prime example of big government thinking it must do something out of gut reaction, but in all likelihood, government will do the wrong thing. The ink on the travel ban has barely dried and reports are already coming in that the Omicron variant is less deadly. In addition, the variant is now in nearly 40 countries, so a travel ban will have little effect. 

We need to pause, learn more about the Omicron variant, and in the meantime not impose travel restrictions that will tank the U.S. and world economies, ensue chaos, and frankly do nothing to change the course of this new variant. 

Not to mention the fact that while we implement travel restrictions on U.S. citizens and other countries, our southern border remains wide open with very little being done to test migrants who are being released by the thousands into our country. Apparently, President Biden’s new COVID-19 “strategy” only applies to law abiding citizens, and not illegal aliens.

The default solution for big government types like President Biden and Dr. Fauci is always more rules, more regulation, and less of your liberty. 

Our response shouldn’t be a blanket decision for the whole world, on locking the economy down, locking the country up, and banning travel before we know for sure whether this is a more or less deadly variant. 

Instead, if the government wants to do something productive for once, it could get out of the way of vaccine and drug development, and allow for new vaccines and drugs to come to market quicker. 

President Trump did it, and because of Operation Warp Speed, drug companies and researchers were able to develop the first COVID-19 vaccine in record time, saving countless lives. 

For months, I’ve urged the Biden administration to do the same thing, cut regulations and red tape to allow for the quick development of a new COVID vaccine that responds better to variants. While some companies are currently in trials, at no point has the Biden administration – including President Biden and Dr. Fauci – made efforts to speed up the process of getting a new vaccine or treatments to market. 

If anyone in that administration had any competence at all they would be taking steps to adapt the COVID vaccine like they adapt the flu vaccine each year, and let Americans make their own individual decision on whether or not to be vaccinated.

Instead, they will continue to preach about booster shots, yell about masks, threaten you, the American people with vaccine mandates, and blame all of their problems and failures on the never-ending pandemic. 

It is by far time we fire Dr. Fauci, and for the Biden administration to come up with a reasonable, rational plan that follows actual science and acknowledges Americans’ individual rights and liberties. 

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