The Enquirer joins a long list of uninformed media, inaccurately reporting both what I said and the facts about therapeutics during our battle with COVID-19. 

Let’s start with a few things I’ve said over and over again but bear repeating because if I don’t, the media with the memory of a goldfish will pretend I never said it.

First, COVID is real. It is a deadly disease that has caused too many Americans to lose their lives.

Second, I am PRO-vaccine, as I’ve always been, especially for those with high-risk factors like older age and increased weight. However, I’m also pro-freedom, and in a free country, people will evaluate their personal risk factors and are smart enough to ultimately make medical decisions themselves.

Having said those things, there are all sorts of problems in the way Big Pharma, the medical establishment and public health officials have attacked this pandemic, and in the way things have been reported along the way.

We are told to “follow the science,” but there have been innumerable cases where the first proclamation was wrong, and so the science moved as science does. As a lifelong student of science and medicine, I can tell you this – as soon as some uninformed soul tells you, “The science is settled,” you can be sure you are not talking to a real scientist. The science is NEVER settled. That’s the whole point of science.

From masks to ventilators, from droplets to aerosols, from no steroids to steroids, the science of treating and living with and through COVID has evolved.

Recently, I discussed two therapeutics and their potential use for COVID. The first, monoclonal antibodies, has clearly proved itself to be useful in this battle. Studies have shown, and accumulated real-life cases back up, that this is a wonderful drug helping those in the early to mid-stages of COVID, to assist our own immune system in fighting back.

We can and should promote this treatment, as it has likely saved many, many lives.

Many doctors have been trying different therapeutics throughout the pandemic, with mixed results. IV steroids were dismissed early by Dr. Fauci but then tried in real-time and proved extremely helpful.

Ivermectin is a therapeutic we do not know enough about now – but we know that the media can’t tell the truth about it. They dismiss it as a “horse dewormer” when in fact it is a therapeutic developed for humans to fight parasitic infection. It was so well thought of that its developer won the Nobel prize for developing it in 2015.

It has been used for infections around the world, safely and effectively. It is in trials for many viruses that pre-date COVID, and it is in several studies including a Phase 3 trial for COVID right now.

We don’t yet know the full story on whether it is effective. But it could be, and that was my point to the media. I never recommended anyone take Ivermectin.

I can assure you no one in the media reported what I said accurately, nor will anyone in the media tell you what I just told you above. They are simply fools who assist in public health propaganda and fear-mongering.

I will always tell you the truth, as I know it, from my years studying medicine, my sources in the medical and research world, and my years of watching the absolute buffoonery of government-fed media storms.

The disease is serious. The discussion of it should be as well.

You can read the Op-Ed HERE.