March 15, 2022
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator and physician Rand Paul (R-KY) forced a vote on his resolution to repeal travel mask mandates on public transportation, the Senate passed the resolution with bipartisan support voting 57-40.

“Today, the Senate said enough is enough, and sent a message to unelected government bureaucrats to stop the anti-science, nanny state requirement of travel mask mandates,” said Dr. Paul. “Since March 2020, unelected bureaucrats have incessantly declared that we should ‘follow the science.’ But the same bureaucrats continue to defy science by imposing an ineffective and restrictive mask mandate for individuals travelling on public transit and airplanes. As the entire world is learning to live with COVID, the federal government still uses fear mongering to stubbornly perpetuate its mandates, rather than giving clear-eyed, rational advice on how to best protect yourself from illness. That is why, I forced this vote, and I applaud the Senate for rejecting this nonsense.”

This vote comes on the heels of last Thursday’s announcement from the TSA that mask mandates on air plane travel would be extended another month. The resolution will now head to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Dr. Paul has been a leading advocate against mask mandates. He previously introduced the Travel Mask Mandate Repeal Act of 2021, and continues to be outspoken against mandates.

You can read Dr. Paul’s resolution to repeal travel mask mandates on public transportation HERE and watch Dr. Paul’s floor remarks HERE.


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