December 19, 2018
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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Shortly before the U.S. Senate held a procedural vote on an intelligence community nomination this morning, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke on the need for greater oversight of the Deep State.
Dr. Paul specifically cited the secretive drone strike program’s “power to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime” as “an ominous power” and called out the lack of checks and balances. He noted that only a select few in Congress are briefed on intelligence matters, even then often being told only after the fact. 
“What happens is you get imperfect and not very good oversight. The checks and balances are not working because the only people being told about what the intelligence community is doing are the people who are rubber stamps for what they are doing,” Dr. Paul stated on the floor.
Dr. Paul also discussed how he has not received answers, including from the nominee, to a simple question: does the United States kill people around the world based on metadata? He noted that his objection to cloture was not based on the individual being nominated but on the need for an answer to this question and greater accountability.
“I’ve been holding this nominee and will vote against this nominee because I believe that the Deep State needs more oversight. I believe that we shouldn’t kill anyone, anywhere, anytime around the world without some checks and balances. I also believe that our drone program, our targeted killing, actually makes the country less safe and makes us more at risk for terrorism,” Dr. Paul said in his speech.
You can watch Dr. Paul’s entire speech HERE.


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