WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Rand Paul announced today that he saved more than $620,000 from his official FY 2016 operating budget, bringing the total amount Dr. Paul has returned to the taxpayers to over $3,000,000 since taking office in January 2011.

“It’s easy to picture Washington’s out-of-control spending as a massive, untamable beast,” said Dr. Paul. “So I determined to show change is possible by starting in the area under my control, while working everywhere else I could to stop ‘business as usual.’ 

“I promised Kentuckians I would stand for smaller, more efficient government, balanced budgets, and spending restraint. I’m proud my staff and I have kept that pledge while operating one of the most active federal offices.”

Dr. Paul has also led the way for reform by introducing a five-year balanced budget and issuing a weekly “Waste Report” to shine a spotlight on reckless federal spending.


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