WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul announced he is seeking more information on whether he and other members of Congress were surveilled by the Obama administration or the intelligence community.

The announcement follows a Circa News report that government officials allegedly sought a significantly higher amount of National Security Agency (NSA) data on Americans in 2016 and eventually unmasked congressional members and staffers, as well as associates of President Trump.[1]

Dr. Paul originally wrote to President Trump and congressional intelligence committee members in April, requesting further investigation based on an anonymous source’s tip that Dr. Paul may have been included in NSA information gathering.

“In light of the revelations that the names of persons associated with the Trump campaign were unmasked, I believe the allegations that myself and other elected members of the legislative branch may have also been unmasked or caught in intelligence gathering warrants investigation,” Dr. Paul stated in the letter.

“This inquiry goes beyond just myself and my office,” Dr. Paul added today. “The American people need to know if their elected representatives in the Legislative branch have been swept up in Executive branch surveillance.”

You can read Dr. Paul’s entire letter to President Trump HERE.


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