March 18, 2021
Contact:, 202-224-4343

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last week, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) reintroduced the Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act. This legislation provides state governors with the power to regulate intrastate endangered species and intrastate threatened species.

“This bill comes as a response to hearing from numerous Kentucky farmers about the detrimental impact black vultures, which are listed as endangered, have had on livestock across the state. My bill will better protect endangered species by allowing a more tailored response as implemented by the states. The Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act ensures that local needs will be considered in the regulation process and places the decision-making into the hands of the states by allowing them to choose whether regulation occurs on the state or federal level,” said Dr. Paul.

Last September, the U.S. Fish and Wild Life Service (FWS) quietly proposed a rule to list two freshwater mussels, as threatened under the Endangered Species Act and designate several critical habitats, many of which overlap with existing critical habitats. This regulation would impact more than 2,000 river miles throughout nine different states, including Kentucky, creating economic and private property challenges. It’s this kind of government overreach that Dr. Paul’s bill would address and alleviate the burden on Kentuckians by placing States back in the decision-making seat.

Dr. Paul continues to promote common sense governance that does not place unrealistic and burdensome regulations upon Kentuckians.

This bill would amend the Endangered Species Act’s method of determining endangered and threatened species by requiring that designations are made only with the consent of the Governor of each state in which the endangered or threatened species is present.

Click HERE to read the Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act in its entirety.


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