WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, chairman of the Federal Spending Oversight Subcommittee, released the second installment of his “Worldwide Waste” series, a special project of “The Waste Report.” Dr. Paul’s “Waste Report” alerts taxpayers to egregious examples of waste within the U.S. government to help reform spending and keep legislators accountable to the people. 

As “Worldwide Waste, Part 2” examines, millions of our tax dollars are advancing the exports of other countries, while we increasingly find many of our own exports at a global competitive disadvantage. Young Americans are finding it difficult to break into the job market after college, yet their taxes help find jobs for foreign college graduates. 

American farmers are vulnerable to economic pressure and rising costs, while, at the same time, their taxes support foreign farmers and foreign goods.

You can find these examples and more in “Worldwide Waste,” Part 2 HERE, and you can find a summary of its featured stories and the amounts involved HERE. 


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